Life of a successful businessman really sucks sometimes, you have this huge house to take care off, big pool where you have to bath all the time, there is this huge garden with plenty of grass you have to cut, and you have to spend a lot of time making mad amounts of money !!! Shitty life, isn`t it? :) So naturally, these nasty rich people feel tired sometimes, thats when you have to call in a masseusse to give you a relief.


Being a rich mofo, you dont have to settle with some ugly old fat guy, you can afford something better, like the guy in this case. So there she was, hot masseusse with big natural tits, dark hair and a cute face ideal for a facial. She started to massage his back, but was done with it pretty fast.


So she ordered him to turn around and guess what, the mofo was horny as hell already, his dick standing there like the statue of liberty. But the masseusse must have been horny too, cause she started to stroke it the minute she saw it. To make sure it remains strong as steel, she took her bra off, revealing a set of big natural tits. Stroking him for a while, them blowing the dick with her suctive mouth, our businessman could wait any longer and started to bang her like mad.


She enjoyed what he was doing and to give herself a bit more pleassure she played with her big boobs all the time, she always liked when someone was playing with her boobs and nipples. Then he was about to cum, the best target of his cumshot would be the natural titties, so of with it right there… Now where can I find a masseuse like that, anyone knows?

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